It’s my BiG day! Thank God for another year :) ♥♥

It’s my BiG day! Thank God for another year :) ♥♥

Talking to the moon and trying to get to you.


Why do people gossip? A big question that has an indefinite answer.

We encounter gossips everyday. When we wake up in the morning, we hear gossips. It may come form our neighbors, from the social media, mass media, text messages and others. Different people from different classes of society. I don’t know how or where gossips originated but we are used to it- it is a part of our daily living. Gossip is sometimes good or bad. It is good when it cannot hurt the feelings of other people; and if it can benefit the persons involved. Just like with actors/actresses, gossips make them more famous, on the other hand, gossips become bad when feelings are hurt. In friendship, for example, when one of your friends told your secrets to other people-gossip, that is.

Gossiping is a part of our life. We do this because of insecurity, hatred, jealousy, or just for no reason at all.